About me

Hello! “Xin chào!”

– Greetings from Leo myself! 😀

My name is Leo, and I am from Vietnam, a small but beautiful country in the Indochina (ASEAN)

And I just would like to say that: “Welcome to my blog!”. My blog is just something I would like to do when I get relax, and mainly, I write for myself. But I am glad that there are bloggers like you reading and following my little blog. Thank you so much!

The title |chuồng của Báo| means |house of a Leopard|. “Bao” is my father’s name. In Vietnamese, “Bao” itself means “newspaper”, means “information”, but it also means “a leopard” – And so, I am a little Leopard of my father (yay ^o^)

Once again, thank you again for reading/following my blog!

I am looking fowarding to having a chance to meet you – my friends – someday – somewhere in this world…

Leo (- Nguyen hong Phuc -)

My Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/nhp.phuc


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